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Women Extra Wide Shoes – The Anatomy and Different Types of shoes

Most women want to wear shoes or sneakers that feel comfortable. Women shoes can be too narrow which might cause pain while walking. Other women shoes might cause irritation for the toes because there is not enough room or space for the toes to move or bend within the top part of the shoe. Today, I will talk about the various parts and different types of women wide shoes. Extra wide shoes for women should provide mobility and flexibility.



These are the parts that make up a high heel shoe. The toe box is the top part of the shoe where the toes fit. Make sure your toes can fit comfortably and have room to spread out in the toe box. If your toes are on the top of each other in your shoes, this will cause a multitude of problems, especially with distribution of weight, which will cause your feet pain and permanent damage. The sole of your high heel shoe should be rubber to stop from slipping and for purposes of traction. If for some reason, your shoes do not have a rubber sole, no need to fear, you can buy rubber soles. The lining inside the sole of your shoe is called insole lining. Some insole lining are glued into the shoe ( which is not very good quality since they usually end up slipping after a few wears). Then there are the insole linings that are sewed into the shoe which are usually of the best quality. When buying shoes make sure that the insole lining is properly attached to the shoe; if the insole lining is glued, make sure there are no gaps or peeling. If the insole lining is sewed into the shoe make sure there are no loose threads or hanging threads which can pinch your feet and cause a lot of pain. The heel is the back or rear part of the shoe. The height of the heel will vary between less than an inch (kitten heel) to seven or eight inch heels. Quality heels have a metal stake inside of the heel which give them the durability to hold most body types. The top piece which is also called the heel tip is the plastic piece at the bottom of the heels. This piece goes under the heel which is made of durable material and keeps the traction on the ground and is always flat on the bottom. Over a period these top piece or heel tip will wear down and can be replaced since they are attached to the metal spike inside the heels.



Different Types Of Women Extra Wide Shoes

There are basically four different types of women wide shoes which are pumps & high heels, women’s flats, women’s athletic shoes and boots. High heel shoes are pumps, stiletto, slingbacks, kitten heels, mules, clogs, peep toe and ankle strap. Women flats are ballerina flats, boat shoes, loafers, slip-on shoes, moccasins, oxford shoes, slippers, flip-flops, sandals, derby shoes, brogues, monks and dock sides. Athletic shoes are basketball shoes, bowling shoes, running shoes, dancing shoes, skate shoes, sneakers, training shoes and walking shoes. Women boots are riding boots, cowboy boots, ankle boots, snow boots, thigh high boots, rain/rubber boots, knee boots, chelsea boots and desert boots.




High heels have a high pointed heel that raises the heel of the wearer significantly higher than the toes. This heel is generally 2 inches or more to be classified as high heels or else it comes in the platform category. Platform shoes are shoes with very thick soles and heels. Open shoes consisting of a sole and various straps, leaving much of the foot exposed to air. These shoes are popular for warm weather wear. Mules are shoes with no fitting around the heels. Slingbacks are shoes which are secured by a strap behind the heel, rather than over the top of the foot. Pumps are essentially a subset of high heels. While pumps are closed toe and closed heel type, high heels flaunt a high heel and also have buckles and laces. In simple words, pumps are closed toe, closed heel shoes without laces and buckles that have a high heels. Other high heel shoes are kitten heels (typically 1 1/2 – 2 inches high), stiletto heels (with a very narrow heel post) and wedge heels (with a wedge-shaped sole rather than a heel post).




Women Flats

Women flat shoes are shoes without a high heels. Flat shoes are usually more comfortable than high heel shoes. They are casual or dress shoes used for various activities. Ballerina flats are shoes with no heel which are made for ballerinas or dancers who perform dance activities. Ballet flats are shoes with a very low heel and a relatively short vamp. Tap shoes have metal plates mounted to the bottoms of the toe and heel in order to make a loud sound when struck against a hard performance surface. Slip-on shoe is a dress or casual shoe without shoelaces or fasteners; often with tassels, buckles. Loafers, moccasin and oxford shoes are women shoes which have a very low heel which is sometimes made of rubber. The sole is made of rubber which provides more flexibility and mobility. Boat shoes are typically made of leather featuring a soft white sole to avoid scratching a boat deck. Sandals are open shoes consisting of a sole and various straps leaving much of the foot exposed to air. Slippers are shoes with no laces and a rubber sole worn for indoor activities or with pajamas.




Women Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are designed to protect the feet against specific types of stress. Repeated impacts or motions can easily cause injury if the feet are not protected. Athletic shoes should feel comfortable and also increase endurance and performance. Walking shoes are not as heavily cushioned as other athletic shoes and are evenly padded throughout to accommodate for the slower motion of walking which uses the whole foot. Aerobic shoes are lightweight to allow women to move around quickly and jump continuously. They have extra padding under the ball of the foot to absorb the impacts of aerobics. Cross-trainers are multipurpose shoes that are designed for light running, walking and court sports. They are lightweight and minimal tread. Running shoes are designed to increase speed and comfort with extra shock absorbent padding, lightweight materials, traction control, and a quality support system. These athletic shoes are geared towards racing, off-road running and performance training. Basketball shoes have breathable air vents and have extra mid foot, heel, and ankle support. Tennis shoes have extra support in the sides of the shoes to accommodate for lateral movements. They have padding evenly throughout the sole and are made of breathable materials.




Women Boots

Female boots come in many styles. Boots can be made of rubber or leather. Some boots have low or high heels. Rain or rubber boots need to be waterproof to protect against rainy conditions. Most rain boots are made of rubber and have rubber soles to keep the feet dry in wet weather. Snow or winter boots are worn in snowy or winter conditions. Winter boots are usually made of leather and have a rubber sole to keep the feet warm and dry from ice or snow. Riding or cowboy boots are fashion boots that are usually made of cowhide leather worn outdoors, at parties, sports events or social gatherings. Ankle boots are boots which come up to the ankle and can be made of rubber or leather. Knee high boots are boots that rise to the knee and they are made of leather or synthetic rubber. These boots protect the feet from water or mud and provide traction on slippery surfaces. Thigh high boots are boots that extend above the knees. Thigh boots are made of materials ranging from various leathers to various synthetic materials (including vinyl, polyurethane or latex) to fabrics (such as silk or polyester microfiber). Most thigh high boots have heels greater than three inches. Chelsea boots are close-fitting, ankle-high boots with an elastic panel.





Thanks for reading this article about women wide shoes. I hope that it provided helpful information about the anatomy of high heel shoes and the different types of women wide shoes. I also hope that you recommend this article to your female friends who going to buy woman wide shoes in the future.

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  1. Crystal O

    great information about women shoes. you are right we do love finding the perfect most comfortable shoe so are feet do not hurt. That last set of boots are very nice. Can you tell me where the best place to get them at?

    • admin

      Hello Crystal,
      Keep following my website in the future. I hope to have some advertisements from some merchants who manufacture women boots which are comfortable for your feet.


  2. Luna1234

    It is awesome that you have taken the time to write an article about women’s shoes. I have to wear medium size shoes but for some brands, I choose a wide. This post will help me a whole lot. I actually have problems buying shoes. I have to try a lot to get a comfortable one. I was satisfied with Naturalizer but I cannot find them anymore at the stores that I shop.
    Thanks for the post.

    • admin

      Hello Luna,
      I am happy that you liked the article I wrote about women wide shoes. In the near future, I plan to advertise some women wide shoes that you might like. I think these shoes will be more comfortable.


  3. Raymond Sebetoa

    I love the depth of your content, it is really unique and i believe you will go far with it…

  4. Xavier Perez

    Hello Roger. Your website looks great. I never thought of women’s shoes in these terms. The layout flows well and the images are inline with your topic. The different descriptions fit each category and are easy to follow. I now understand the types of shoes women use and your website certainly informed me of your products. Thank you very much for this post. Great work.

    • admin

      Hi Xavier,
      I am happy that you think my website is great. I hope you will continue to follow my website in the future.


  5. Betty Matson

    Yikes those red high heels look so tall!!! I would break my ankle for sure wearing those. I’ll stick with flats, thank you. Great read!!!

  6. Razzytack

    Great article, very informative. I hope to apply this more to my life.

  7. carolbin

    This post is really speaking to me because it is filled with reminders that I need to bear in mind when purchasing shoes. So many times my girls go for style and fashion over comfort. However I know that nothing beats the comfort of a good pair of shoes. Personally I prefer wide shoes because they are much more comfortable and that’s what I buy most times.

  8. colleen r

    Love this post! i wouldn’t consider myself to have a wide foot but i would actually prefer to buy wide fit shoes as i find them so much more comfortable to walk in, as we all knwo standing in heels all day requires definite comfort!

  9. Kevon Wilson

    Interesting post. I never really thought about the ‘anatomy of the high heel shoe’. I found that quite intriguing. I’ve always wondered why women wear high heel shoes. Is it to look taller? Was it a device invented by men to prevent women from running away too fast? Regardless, it does look rather stylish, so fashion might be the main reason.

  10. Irma Fearless

    Great post! I have been wearing sport shoes for so long, for work, that I am not sure if I can actually wear other kinds of footwear. I am glad to have this article to help me figure out my next step for purchasing something fun as well as comfortable. I hope that you will be posting on care and maintenance soon!

  11. Mariana E.

    Hi! Great post. I am not such a big fan of high heels 1) because I am already very tall and 2) because I always hurt after some time. Personally, I prefer boots or sneakers, mainly because I feel comfortable in them. Do you know where to buy good and comfortable boots online?

    • admin

      Hello Mariana,
      Thanks for the complement. I would advise you to look at my shoe advertisers like Amazon, Shoeline and Born shoes and search for a pair of boots that you like.

      All the best,

  12. omg! a site for wide shoes! Love it! Cuz i really hate shoe shopping, nothing fits comfortably. Good place for research before my next purchase. #illbeback

  13. EdenWilliamson

    I have had trouble with wide feet all my life. It is hard sometimes when you go to stores like Walmart to find a shoe that fits comfortably. I usually end up having to go up in size to get the width I need. Would like to see some nice shoes for sale in the wide selection!

    • admin

      Hi Eden,
      I have recently seen ads from both Born shoes and Shoeline on my computer which states that there is a price drop on many of their shoes. I think you should look at their websites using my links.


  14. JessicaA

    I need wide shoes and have learned to not even bother with regular widths in most cases. I have narrow heels though! So this makes it impossible to wear many shoes since I will walk right out of them. I need wide in the front and narrow in the back.

    I have found Naot brand makes the most comfortable shoes for me. I love them and have their boots and sandals. They have great supportive soles also. I wear Asics brand sneakers as well.

    This is a great topic!

  15. olina....

    Thanks for very detailed information about shoes. I actually love heels and feel very comfortable wearing them, but it is not easy to find the comfortable one, especially the wide sizes. I have a good success with ARCHE and Clark’s. Never tried Naot, but they look comfortable on the picture. Currently we have a great access for shopping on internet, however for shoes I have to make “a store” visit to try them on. All good recommendations are appreciated!

  16. Lillian H.

    Wow, thanks for all the great tips and information on wide shoes for women. I have been having a lot of foot pain and saw my doctor recently. He suggested wearing wide toe shoes and after reading your article, which reinforces exactly what he said, the only shoes I will be buying in future will be shoes with a larger toe box.

    • admin

      Hi Lillian,
      Thanks for the comment. I suggest that you buy orthopedic shoes with a wide or large toe box. These shoes will provide extra room and cushion for your toes.

      All the best,


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