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Men Extra Wide Shoes – The Anatomy, Different Types of shoes & Accessories

Everybody wears shoes but some people can not wear shoes which are too narrow and cause pain. Many men need wide shoes in order for their feet to be comfortable at work or at home. My first few paragraphs will tell you about the anatomy or the different parts that make up a wide shoe. After that I will provide information about the different types of men wide shoes. My next paragraph will provide information about shoe accessories. Hopefully I can provide information in general about wide width shoes for men that can be helpful.


The Anatomy of the Men Extra Wide Shoes

The shoe is made up of many various parts and each part serves a different purpose. The heel is the part of the sole that raises the rear of the shoe in relation to the front of the shoe. A layer of material that sits inside the shoe that creates a layer between the outsole and the foot is the insole. The exposed part of the sole that is in contact with the ground is the outsole. The properties the outsole need are: grip, durability and water resistence. The midsole is the layer in between the outsole and the insole which provides shock absorption. Most shoes include a lining on the inside of the shoe which improve comfort and can increase the lifespan of the shoe. The entire part of the shoe that covers the foot is called the upper. Most uppers have a mechanism, such as laces, straps with buckles, zippers or snaps which tighten the upper on the foot. The upper is also connected to the sole by a strip of leather, rubber or plastic that is stitiched between it and the sole known as the welt. The toe cap is the part of the shoe that covers and protects your toes. The part of the heel that comes in contact with the ground is called the top piece. The eyelets are the smooth circular piece that laces are thread through. A strip that runs up the top center of the shoe and sits on the top part of the foot is called the tongue. The purpose of the tongue is to protect the top of the foot and to keep the laces from rubbing the foot. The vamp is the front part of the shoe, starting behind the toe extending around the eyelets and tongue and towards the back of the shoe. The quarter covers the sides and the back of the foot.


Different Types of  Men Extra Wide Shoes

Traditionally, shoes have been made from leather, wood or canvas, but in 2010’s, they are increasingly made from rubber, plastics and other petrochemical derived materials. Most types of shoes are designed for specific activities. For example, boots are made for work or heavy outdoor use. Athletic shoes are designed for particular sports such as running, walking or basketball. Orthopedic shoes are special types of footwear designed for individuals to relieve discomfort associated with many feet and ankle disorders. These shoes have typically a low heel, tend to be wide with a particularly wide toe box and have a firm heel to provide extra support. Dress shoes are worn at work, formal occasions and also made for casual wear. Slippers are typically backless shoes made of leather and lightweight rubber soles which are used to walk around the house.




Athletic shoes

Basketball shoes are worn by basketball players which have rubber soles that provide friction between the foot and the ground. Hockey players wear shoes that have ice skates which have a metal blade attached to the bottom for locomotion across the ice. Roller skates are shoes which have metal or plastic wheels on the bottom for the sport of roller skating. Climbing shoes are rubber-soled, tight-fitting shoes designed to fit in small cracks and crevices for rock climbing. Cycling shoes are made with rubber soles and a tight fit, but also are equipped with a metal or plastic cleat to interface with clip less pedals. For some activities such as dancing or bowling, sliding is desirable, so shoes designed for these activities often have lower coefficients of friction.




A boot is a special type of shoe which covers the foot and the ankle and extends up the leg, sometimes as far as the knee or even the hip. Boots are typically made of leather or rubber which protect the foot and leg from water, snow and mud. Cowboy boots are a specific style of riding boot which are normally made cowhide leather but could be made from ostrich, anaconda or elephant skins. Hiking boots are designed to provide extra ankle and arch support as well as extra padding for comfort during hiking. During wet or snowy weather, snow boots are worn to keep the foot warm and dry. Snow boots are typically made of rubber or other water resistant material, have multiple layers or insulation and a high heel to keep snow out. Ski boots are a specialized snow boot which are used in alpine or cross-country skiing.



Dress and casual shoes

Dress shoes are characterized by smooth and supple leather uppers, leather soles and narrow or wide figure. Casual shoes are characterized by sturdy leather uppers, non-leather outsoles and wide profile. The majority of dress shoes have an upper covering, commonly made of leather, enclosing most of the lower foot but not covering the ankles. A high-topped shoe is secured by laces or zippers although some styles have elastic inserts to ease slipping the shoe on. Men’s shoes can be categorized by how they are closed. Oxfords has a vamp which is v-shaped slit to which the laces are attached, also known as “closed lacing”. Derby shoes have laces that are tied to two pieces of leather independently attached to the vamp also known as “open lacing”. Monk-straps are a buckle and a strap instead of lacing. Slip-ons do not have no lacings or fastenings so you just slip your foot in the shoe. Men’s shoes can be decorated in various ways. Plain toes have a sleek appearance and no extra decorations on the vamp. Cap-toes has an extra layer of leather that “caps” the toe. Brogues has the toe of the shoe covered with a perforated panel, the wing-tip which extends down either side of the shoe.



Shoe Accessories

Shoe accessories are items that help to enhance the appearance of the shoe, provide support for the shoe or reduce discomfort in the shoe. Shoe polish is a waxy material spread on shoes to improve appearance and glossiness, and provide protection. A cloth used to apply polish to shoes is called a polishing cloth. A shoe brush is a brush used to clean the exterior of the shoe from dust or dirt. Shoelaces are laces used to secure or tighten the tongue area of the shoe. A shoe horn can be used to insert a foot into a shoe by keeping the shoe open and providing a smooth surface for the foot to slide upon. A tool for making a shoe longer or wider or for reducing discomfort in areas of shoe is called a shoe stretcher. A shoe tree is placed inside the shoe when user is not wearing it, to maintain the shoe’s shape. A rubber covering placed over shoe for rain and snow protection is called galoshes. (Orthopedic) shoe inserts are various materials inserted into the shoe for cushioning, improved fit, or reduced abrasion. Inserts may also be used to correct foot problems. A  foam tap is a small foam pad placed under the ball of the foot to push the foot up and back if the shoe is too loose. A heel grip is used to prevent the shoe from slipping on the heel if the fit is not perfect. A bag that protects shoes against damage when they are not being worn is called a shoe bag. A shoe box is a wooden box that holds or contains various shoe items such as the shoe brush, shoe polish, shoe horn or polishing cloth.





Hopefully, I have provided a useful guideline on what are the various parts of a shoe, the different types of wide shoes and shoe accessories. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and this information is helpful in purchasing a wide shoe in the future. Remember, that wide shoes are for men who feel discomfort and pain wearing shoes that are too narrow.








  1. Kellye Kirby

    Hi Roger!

    Thank you so much for sharing this great information. I know so many people who wear wide shoes! I will refer them to this post.
    i noticed one of your images would not load, but this could just be from my end. Your site is very sleek and clean. Keep up the good work!

    • admin

      Hi Kellye,
      Thanks for the comment. I would like you to keep following my website in the future. I am thinking about writing an article about wide shoes for women and hope to provide some advertisements for women wide shoes.


  2. hong gao

    Great information! My husband often complains about his shoes being tight even though we buy the right side. But his toes always hurt and turn red. I like the details you provided about the shoe accessories. I will likely be looking into one of those wide shoes for him for Christmas. Hopefully he likes them. Thank you for sharing!

    • admin

      Hi Hong,
      I think he should buy shoes that have a plain toe instead of a narrow toe because it would provide more room for his toes to circulate or move. Hopefully I will be advertising some wide shoes soon. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Eric Chen

    Hello Roger,

    Great article on the explanation of wide shoes. I’ve always wondered what type of shoes would best fit my feet. I’ve tried them all and wide seems to be the one that is most comfortable for me. I’m not a shoe enthusiast, but your article offers a great explanation and my shoe enthusiast friend that is next to me right now is very impressed.

    We usually wear dress shoes and we are fond of Cole Haan, but over time the soles tend to wear out. What kind of replacement would you recommend? Thanks!

    Kind Regards,

    • admin

      Hi Eric,
      Based on my experience, a rubber outsole rather than leather might last longer especially if you wear them almost everyday. Rubber soles is thicker and provides more cushion than leather which is thinner. Keep following my website for some shoe advertisements soon.


  4. Chaddrick

    Hello Roger. This is a great article. I like how you explained the different parts of a shoe. I know plenty of people, such as my father, who wear wide shoes. I am going to have him read your post. Great stuff!

    • admin

      Hello Chaddrick,
      I am glad that you think my article is great. Keep following my website in the future because I plan to advertise some men shoes that will interest your father and friends.

      All the best,

  5. subhadeep

    That was good info, Rogers. I myself require wider shoes. I was not aware of this fact until I began to experience pain in my toes. And it developed after I started wearing my new pair of Nike’s last year. I thought that it is normal with new shoes, and will fit with time. But to date, it hurts if I wear them for a longer period. So yeah, that was a lesson for me. I look out for wider shoes now. Your post helped.

    • admin

      Hello Subhadeep,
      What you could do is buy a shoe stretcher which will help to make the Nike shoe wider around the toes and more comfortable. I hope you keep following my website in the future for some men wide shoe advertisements.

      All the best,

  6. Allan Cox

    Hi Roger.
    Enjoyed the information here. And found some useful information in the shoe accessories paragraph that very much interested me. Thanks so much.

  7. Mark Bailey

    Hi Roger

    Lots of great information. I was particularly interested in the shoe accessories – I didn’t realise there were so many. Lots of my shoes and trainers only last a few months as I don’t take enough care with them. I’ll definitely be investing in some for future.

    • admin

      Hi Mark,
      Amazon has more than 200,000 results for shoe accessories for men. You should be able to find something that helps your feet feel more comfortable.

      All the best,

  8. Albert Hoops

    Great information, i never read so much about shoes. You helped me a lot!

    • Roger

      Hi Albert,
      Thanks for the comment. I hope you continue to read my articles about shoes in the future.


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