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Slippers are the most comfortable shoes to wear in the house

A slipper is a light-weight footwear which is easy to slip on and take off. Slippers are usually inexpensive and basically the aim of purchasing this shoe is to use it for comfort on walking around at home. Slippers are the most comfortable shoes to wear in the house. Podiatrists recommend slippers over barefoot walking at home. It is not a good idea to walk barefoot at home. When you walk on hardwoods or ceramic tiles, your feet have nothing to absorb the shock of that hard surface when you are barefoot. Over time, barefoot walking can deteriorate the fat pad of your foot, which provides a natural cushion. Podiatrists say if you have flat feet, sore arches, foot pain or diabetes you need more protection for your feet on hard surfaces. Slippers not only provide a benefit to your feet but also your knees, hips and back because they provide cushioning for your entire body.

Don’t wear slippers outdoors because you can pick up things in the environment that can make you sick. After work at home it is a good idea to switch out of shoes and into slippers to give your daily footwear time to dry, reducing the potential for foot infections. Slippers need to be replaced every year as they accumulate bacteria, fungus and microbes. Another reason to purchase a pair of slippers each year is because your feet are constantly shedding skin cells. Overtime, those dead skin cells, while microscopic, will build up in your slippers. Wearing socks helps to extend the lifespan a bit but slippers tend to become smelly or worn out on the sole after a year. People who wear custom orthotics should see if the slippers can be worn with this shoe insert inside it. A flip-flop style slipper won’t work for people with custom orthotics because the shoe insert will not be secure or firm.




If you have a pain condition, slippers help to make sure that the pain doesn’t get worse. Foot pain conditions that require wearing slippers at home. Toe pain such as bunions, callouses and ingrown toenails. Heel pain such as plantar fasciitis, achilles heel and bursitis. Arch pain such as flat feet and overly high arch. People with diabetes have to pay special attention to slipper choices because this condition can result in a chronic problem for your feet. Diabetics should always wear a closed-toe, firm slipper to protect their feet from sharp objects. The nerve damage in a diabetic’s foot means that the sufferer doesn’t feel pain until it is too late. There are slippers for diabetics that have removable insoles so you can add your own custom orthotics. Many come with adjustable straps that is another great feature for diabetics. For people who have plantar fasciitis or heel pain, there are some things to consider before buying a pair of slippers:

(1) Good heel support and a good orthotic footbed.

(2) A midsole that is shock absorbing.

(3) Good arch support.


There are five types of slippers which are sandal slippers, slip on, closed back, moccasin and novelty.Sandal slippers are typically a cushioned footwear with fabric or soft rubber soles and a few leather belts that goes across the foot. People who wear sandal slippers enjoy the comfort they get from the cushioned soles. Slip-on slippers are the most popular type of slippers of all time. Essentially, this is a fabric made footwear where the fabric surrounds the foot and only covers the toes and the top of the foot with the heels exposed. Some slip-ons are made of durable stuff such as soft suede or are lined with fleece for extra warmth. Also it comes in two versions which are the closed-toe and the open-toe. Closed back slippers tend to cover the heel. This footwear is usually made of faux fur, acrylic, fleece-lined leather or polyester. Closed back slippers are not as easy to put on your feet as slip-ons because the fabric covers the heel. Moccasins are often confused for regular shoes even though they are slippers. They are made of soft leather or synthetic material combined with hard rubber or leather for the sole. It can be worn outdoors if the sole is made of a hard material. A novelty slipper is often made of a very soft material and in a larger size covering the entire foot. This slipper is often designed as a certain animal or a cartoon character’s foot such as rabbits, cows, dogs or ducks. This is a perfect gift for young kids. Also it comes in two versions which are a back-open or a back-covered slipper. The open back slippers are better for someone with heel pain caused by rubbing from shoes. The closed back slippers are better for overall support and the foot stays secure so the toes don’t have to grip the shoe while walking. This reduces your chances of getting hammertoes. Closed back design is the way to go if you have balance issues.





  1. maun5130

    Hey Roger, was looking for best slippers to replace the worn-out ones. I glad I ran across your site. Thank you.

    I always wear slipper at home but don’t even know the slippers could provide such benefits. Which brand do you recommend the long lasting one?

    I will come back here for more tips.
    Thank again for sharing.

    • Roger

      Hi Maun,
      I would choose a brand from Amazon because they have a large selection of slippers. Personally, I like the open back slippers because it gives my feet and toes more room to maneuver. If you wear shoe inserts than a closed back slipper is the right choice.

      All the best,

  2. Wendy111

    The first thing I do when I walk in the door is to kick off my shoes and put on a comfy pair of slippers. They help me to feel relaxed. But now I know they are also good for my feet. Thank for the nice selection.

  3. Matts Mom

    My doctor did tell me to not run around in bare feet. I end up with pain (plantar fasciitis), and it was pretty painful. I have since bought flip flops with an arch, and tennis shoes with an arch. I run around in my house with flip flops because I did not know that they made slippers with an arch. Can you tell me a brand of slippers with arch support? I would love to get some for sure and save the flip flops for outside!

    • Roger

      Hi Matts Mom,
      I would recommend that you buy closed back slippers which gives extra arch support for heel pain such as plantar fasciitis. Amazon and shoeline have a variety of closed back slippers to choose from.

      All the best,


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