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Orthopedic Shoes and Orthotics

Orthopedic shoes and orthotics provide extra cushion for the feet from the heel to the toe. These shoes and inserts are recommended by podiatrist to reduce foot pain. Orthopedic shoes alleviate foot pain so that people don’t need to have surgery to correct their foot problems. They are built specifically to support the heel and arch of the foot and provide plenty of space for the toes to rest naturally which promotes healthy, normal feet. If your feet are causing you pain , or require medical attention, orthopedic shoes can save you from losing one or both later in your life as your body starts to break down.




Orthopedic shoes helps people who suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, calluses, metatarsalgia, hammer toes and corns. Orthopedic diabetic shoes alleviates foot pain for people who have diabetes. Overweight or obese people wear orthopedic diabetic shoes to reduce foot pain due to excess weight. Most orthopedic shoes feature extra deep toe box, padded tongue, cushioned collar, heel stabilizer, removable insole and lightweight outsole. Extra deep toe box is good for people who suffer from hammer toes, corns, claw toes, mallet toes and overlapping toes. The heel stabilizer provides support and cushion for people who suffer from heel pain, achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.








Orthotics (shoe inserts) are devices placed inside the shoes with the purpose of restoring our natural foot function. Orthotics are worn to correct foot and ankle problems without surgery. Orthotics insoles slide easily into a pair of shoes to provide healthy cushioning, comfort and arch support. There are many different types of orthotics that will fit into many different types of footwear such as sandals, dress shoes, flat shoes and sneakers. Orthotics are highly recommended to help alleviate discomfort that stems from common foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel pain, over pronation and diabetes. Having proper orthopedic arch support helps reduce foot pain from common foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel pain, bunions, hammertoes, and over pronation. Custom made orthotics are shoe inserts that will mold to the unique contours, curves and shapes of your foot. To create the orthotics, some companies send out an impression kit to get an accurate mold of the foot. Their lab will scan the impression and create the orthotic insert based upon the options that you ordered.









Finally, I have a corn on my left foot and it causes some irritation. I have worn the New Balance MW577 shoes for the past three years. I didn’t know when I bought them that they are one of the best orthopedic shoes. But the New Balance shoes does provide extra room, cushion and toe space for my feet. If you have foot pain then you should buy orthopedic shoes and orthotics to alleviate the foot pain. Please leave comments and I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks.


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  1. Steven m

    I am on my feet a lot during the day and I have trouble finding shoes that will help my aching feet. I have been searching the internet for shoes that will help. I need dress shoes and I am sometimes hard to fit for the right shoe. I didn’t really think about orthopedic shoes until I came across your post. I am really glad I saw this, now I have a better idea what to look for when it comes to finding a shoe will keep my feet comfortable all day. I love the visuals you have, those are really helpful. Thanks again for sharing this post, it’s really helpful.

    • admin

      Hi Steven,
      I am glad this post provided information that will help you find the most comfortable shoes for your feet.


  2. akbar zaib

    hey Roger, that’s a very informative post. I heard about these kinds of pain from many people and never thought that shoes could also play such a big role in relieving foot pain.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Shelli Thomas

    Wow! I had no idea I would be able to find a site just about the best wide shoes to buy. My husband has wide feet, and always ends up buying extra long shoes to accommodate his wider feet. this is fantastic to find! Also, I love all of your images and graphics. It sure makes it very clear for us consumers. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this information to all of us!

    • admin

      Hi Shelli,
      Thanks for the comment. I hope your husband finds the right pair of shoes for his wide feet.

      All the best,

  4. Mark Schindeler

    Very informative, many things to consider as we age to keep our feet in optimum condition and health.

  5. Robert G

    Thank you for the awesome information. Im in the market to get something that will help when long distance running. Im glad I came across your website so I could choose the best solution for my problem.

    • admin

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks for the comment. I think Amazon provides a wide choice of long distance running shoes.

      All the best,

  6. Craig Rut

    Lately I’ve been doing a lot of jogging and Ice had a weird pain going on under the place where my big toe and my foot meet, looks like it is that sesamoiditis pictured in the bottom right corner. I’ve always had trouble finding shoes that fit due to the width of my foot, ever since I was a kid. I always had to buy Striderites that had the extra wide build!

    Out of curiosity, if I wanted to go buy inserts for my jogging shoes will the ones you recommend here easily fit most any kind of shoe, or do I have to look for a special fit or maybe cut them down?

    • admin

      Hi Craig,
      I think you should look at Amazon because they sell the most shoe inserts that fit any kind of shoe. Amazon sells different types and sizes of shoe inserts.

      All the best,

  7. Nate Kidd

    These shoes look very comfortable. With your images I get a clearer understanding of the effects of these type of shoes. I have a lot of problem with heal pain. I think it is due to the many years of Road Marches and other things I had to endure during my 25 years in the military.

    I am going to give a pair of these a shot now that I have a better understanding of what they could do for me. Thanks for sharing this information. It has come at a great time for me.

    • admin

      Hi Nate,
      Thanks for the comment. You should be able to find a pair of orthopedic shoes that provide cushion or support for heal pain. Amazon and Born shoes sell orthopedic shoes.

      All the best,


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