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Orthofeet Stretchable Orthopedic Orthotic Diabetic Velcro Shoes Review – Alleviates Foot Pain

Orthofeet Stretchable Orthopedic Orthotic Diabetic Velcro Shoes

Price: $34.99 – $113.95
Color: black, beige
Size : 5W-12XXW


Orthofeet diabetic shoes is the #1 recommended shoes by podiatrists for diabetic feet. Orthofeet extra depth shoes are engineered with soft, non-binding upper and seam free interior which provides the ultimate protection for diabetic feet. The anatomical orthotic insoles and ergonomic soles work wonders to reduce foot pain and offer soothing comfort from heel to toe. Orthofeet Orthopedic Diabetic shoes offer the best solution for people with sensitive feet including those with foot pain, heel pain, arch pain, knee pain, metatarsal pain and ball of the foot pain. These extra wide diabetic shoes enhances comfort for sensitive feet, diabetic feet, arthritic feet, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuropathy, pronation, morton’s neuroma, bunions, corns and hammer toes. These extra wide stretchable shoes provides extra room and comfort for the toes and mid section of the foot. Non-binding upper with extra depth design and wide toe box eliminates pressure on bunions and hammer toes. Soft, seam-free interior lining, padded with foam, eliminates pressure points, and offers superior comfort and protection for sensitive feet, diabetic feet and rheumatoid arthritis. The orthotic insole with anatomical arch support and gel padded heel seat forms to the contours of the foot, enhances comfort and helps alleviate pain at the foot and heel all the way up to the knees, hips and lower back. The velcro snaps might loosen up the shoe more than laces.


Ortofeet stretchable orthopedic diabetic shoes are very comfortable shoes for people with various foot problems such as heel pain, toe pain, arch pain and knee pain. These shoes are recommended by podiatrists for diabetic feet, sensitive feet and arthritic feet. Orthofeet shoes provides extra comfort for people with plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuropathy, bunions, corns and hammer toes. If you have continuous foot pain then the Orthofeet stretchable orthopedic diabetic shoes is the best solution for foot problems. - Free Shipping, No Sales Tax




  1. Valerie Oz

    Wow, I didn’t even know that this kind of shoes actually exist! Thans for sharing! I definitely need to purchse on pair for my uncle who suffers from pains

    • admin

      Hi Valerie,
      Thanks for the comment. I hope that your uncle will be very happy when you buy him a pair of orthopedic diabetic shoes. It will help to alleviate the pain.

      All the best,

  2. sarah abraham

    Hi, Such a nice and well described reviews about orthopedic shoes. I will highly recommend everyone to read these reviews and order accordingly. really helpful…

    • admin

      Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your comment. I hope that you can recommend this review to your friends or relatives and buy a pair of orthopedic diabetic shoes.

      All the best,

  3. Allan Ludwig

    I knew that these shoes existed for diabetes but I never knew they were able to help with so many other conditions of the feet and knees. Thanks you for the post.

    • admin

      Hi Allan,
      I am glad that you liked this post and maybe you might want to buy or recommend this article to your friends and relatives who are interested in orthopedic diabetic shoes.


  4. sarah abraham

    great article and helpful guide for people who have bigger and wider foot. What a great way of explaining everything about it. Great article and I will forward it to all the people with big feet.

    • admin

      Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for the comment. I hope you share this article with your relatives and friends with big wide feet.

      All the best,

  5. Ronnie Jordan

    I believe I need to try out a pair of these shoes to see if it helps me. I have not been diagnosed with diabetes but I am borderline he said. One of my feet have been hurting pretty bad for the last couple of years and it is starting to get unbearable. I have been going to get this callous from between my baby toe which is causing the pain. But it seems to start right back hurting only a month from the visit. Thanks for the information.

    • admin

      Hi Ronnie,
      Sorry to hear about your foot pain. I suggest you buy a pair of stretchable orthopedic diabetic shoes that helps alleviate the foot pain caused by diabetes. Also get a diabetic shoe that provides extra room in the toe box and a orthopedic insert to cushion your baby toe which causes pain.

      Good luck,

  6. Keith Gravlee

    My wife is a diabetic and is on her feet all day at the hospital. I think shoes designed specifically for her problem could help a lot. Until now she just wears tennis shoes. I will let her take a look at your post when she gets home. Anything to make life more tolerable for her is a big help. thanks

    • admin

      Hi Keith,
      Thanks for the comment. I think your wife will be happy with the orthopedic diabetic shoe because it provides four layers of padding including the insole and out sole which helps to cushion the foot all day.

      All the best,

  7. Philip77


    I could really do with a pair of these.

    From many years of mercilessly pounding my feet into the ground doing sports, I certainly do get the odd sharp pain in the back of my feet.

    My shoes are fine but when that pain kicks in I certainly need something much more comfortable to wear. I like they are velcro to as I use to have velcro trainers and they are so handy just to slip on without having to tie laces, and, it is a tight fit as well.

    Thank you and now I am off to get a pair for my feet and will let you know if they work.

    What is your most favorite #1 Recommendation and why? I’d be interested to know.

    Thank you.



    • admin

      Hi Phillip,
      I would suggest the Orthofeet orthopedic shoes. It will provide extra cushion for pain in the back of foot or heel. The Orthofeet shoe is recommended by podiatrists. The cushioning sole with air pockets comes with an advanced orthotic insole.

      All the best,


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