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New Balance Walking Shoes Review – Comfort & Durability


Price: $35.67 – $80.00
Color: black, white
Size: 7-15 2E-4E


The new balance walking shoes are one of the best walking shoes for men and women with wide feet. The New Balance MW577 is one of the best orthopedic shoes for people who experience foot pain. Everyone can benefit from wearing orthopedic shoes, they are especially beneficial for those who suffer from problems with their feet, such as abnormalities, injuries or surgeries. They are made of leather with a rubber sole that provides cushion and support for the feet. The toe part of the shoe provides extra room and support for the toes. The leather found on the upper parts of these shoes are perforated for good ventilation. The synthetic sole is light, flat and no skid, which is helpful for older people with balance problems. Good cushioning capabilities allows natural movement of the feet. The breath ability of the shoe is also good. Additional features are shock absorption qualities, stability and additional durability. They are surprisingly lightweight but sturdy walking shoes. The shoe has a cushioning polyurethane midsole which provides more support for overweight people. It also has an EVA insole that delivers padding and ABZORB in the heel which returns energy. The tread on the outsole does provide a good amount of grip on most surfaces that one would likely encounter when out on a walk. The traction is made better by the addition of the blown rubber which covers the treads. One drawback is in heavy rain or snowy conditions the walking shoe might not keep your feet dry or warm. Also the shoe might not provide good traction on icy roads or streets. This shoe is perfect for someone who is a moderate walker or someone who walks daily for at least a half-hour. It will be very comfortable for your feet, knees and lower back when you are working by standing for 6 to 7 hours per day.


Personally, I have worn a pair of black new balance 577 walking shoes (size 12 4E) for more than 2 years. They are very comfortable and provide a lot of cushion for my feet. The toe part of the shoe has extra room for toe movement. I recommend the new balance walking shoes for people who walk or stand a lot on a daily basis.

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  1. Rodney Lugo

    Finally, someone that as my family calls me fat feet are here to help. I have had such a terrible time looking for shoes I cannot go to any discount store and buy shoes, nothing fits. I also have a very high arch, do you know of a place that sells this type of shoe?

    • admin

      Hi Rodney,
      Thanks for the comment. I have a solution to your problem. Born shoes sells men shoes with high arch support. Born shoes has about 250 results. So click on my ad and type “men shoes with high arch support”. Hope you find the shoes that you are looking for.

      All the best,

  2. Gerardo G

    Very well-rounded review! There are so many big men out there with this kind of issue, glad to see someone is helping out. Keep it up!

  3. Vince M

    I’ve been considering the buying a set of New Balance walking shoe and after reading your comments, I’m going purchase a pair.
    Roger, where the best place to buy in your opinion?

    • admin

      Hi Vince,
      I think Amazon is the best place to buy new balance walking shoes. If you click on my Amazon ad and type “new balance walking shoes” then you will see more than 150 results. I wear new balance walking shoes and they are very comfortable. Thanks for the comment.

      All the best,

  4. Lakisha Akbar

    This is the second time I came across an article dealing with New Balance shoes, they must be really popular for walking. I myself have two pairs. And I have had them for about 3 years and never wore them more than 8 times. Because, I felt like they were to bulky.

    I have a narrow foot and the shoe feels bulky on my foot. It could be that I was not use to the wideness. I can say that, my new balance shoes are my lightest pair of shoes that I own, and yes when I do walk in them they do feel very comfortable. Nice review!

  5. Kimberly D.

    I have not tried these yet, I have a hard to fit foot, with the added difficulty of wide feet. A search for a good walking shoe could take me all day long. Thanks for posting this, I will check it out more.

  6. thomas g

    Thanks for that. As a wide foot person I understand. I hope in the future you try on other wide foot shoes and review them here. New Balance has others and I have tried many. Good luck in building a much needed site!!


  7. Robert G

    I sometimes suffer from joint problems in my feet and need a wider, more comfortable shoe to keep me going. The shoes I normally wear are fine until my joints act up, so I’m looking for a shoe that will help me out. Very helpful, thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Robert,
      Born shoes has orthopedic shoes for men that help relieve the pain from your joints. You should look at their shoes.


  8. Chase Chandler

    New Balance shoes are always overlooked and I don’t know why. I’ve had a pair before and I loved them – I agreed that they’re really lightweight and have a lot of room for the feet to expand during running or exercising. Thanks for your input on these shoes.

    • admin

      Hello Chase,
      Thanks for the comment. I agree with you. New Balance shoes are lightweight and provide cushion for your feet during running or exercise. I hope that the next pair of running or athletic shoes that you buy will be New Balance shoes.

      All the best,

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