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Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rubber Rain Boots Review – Extra Room & Durable

Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rubber Rain Boots

Price: $69.99-$89.99
Color: black, purple, etc.
Size : 6E-11E


Jileon women extra wide calf rain boots are made of sturdy rubber and up to 21 inch calves wide in the foot and ankle. It is a durable boot made for all weather conditions. These women extra wide calf boots are extra wide in the foot and ankle making them easy to slip on and off. Ideal for women with high insteps, large calves or wide feet. These rain boots are made of strong weather tested rubber which are built to last. Excellent choice for women who want to keep their feet dry and warm during heavy rain or snowy conditions. They should provide good traction on icy roads. Jileon rain boots also sell a narrower calf up to 18 inches. One drawback is some women do recommend ordering one size smaller than their usual size. For example if you wear a size 8 then you might want to order a size 7 because they provide too much extra room. This extra room might be good if you are wearing heavy thick socks during the winter. The Jileon extra wide calf rain boots are very good for women who wear orthotics or shoe inserts in their shoes. The gussets in these boots allows women to get their orthotics into the boots. There are gussets on both sides that have buckles so you can easily adjust the fit. The rain boots even comes with a convenient carry case so you can bring your indoor shoes to work.


Most women want rubber rain boots for bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow to keep their feet dry and warm. Jileon extra wide calf rubber rain boots also provide extra room for your calf and ankles. These women extra wide calf boots are very comfortable for women with wide feet. Women who wear shoe inserts such as orthotics like these boots because they can easily put their orthotics into the boot and take it out. I recommend these extra wide rain boots for women who have wide feet.

All the best,
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  1. suzanne stoddart

    Thank you for the great review. I have a wide foot and the extra calf room would be great for adding extra thick sock for the early spring and late fall weather. I wonder if I ordered the proper size (instead of a smaller size) if I could slip a liner in them for winter?

    • admin

      Hi Suzanne,
      Thanks for the comment. When I wore boots if there was a lot of extra room, I would put on sneakers and then put them inside the boots so they won’t slip off. I would suggest that you put on a pair of flat shoes or sneakers and then try to put them inside the boots. It will definitely give you a tight fit and also tighten the gussets or buckles if you have to.

      All the best,

  2. Alexandra

    Hi there,
    This was a great product review, I really learned a lot about orthopedic shoes. I have a friend that has wide feet so I’ll be sure to recommend this product to her since she struggles to find shoes that she can wear. Thanks for making these posts & helping people who need orthopedic shoes find what suits them best, this was a great read!

  3. Chase Chandler

    I know my wife will like the purple rain boots – she’s bought some other brand boots before but hated them. Reviews like these are important to read up on because there are a lot of bad boots out there. And it’s good to know these boots are good for heavy rain and even snow too! Thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      Hello Chase,
      I hope you buy the purple rain boots for your wife. She will like the extra room around the calf and toe area. She can adjust the buckle to add or subtract room from the boot. I agree that the purple boots will provide protection from heavy rain or snow.

      All the best,


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