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Best Shoes to prevent Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia is ball of the foot pain which is a painful condition. Metatarsalgia is the irritation and inflammation of the metatarsal joints which can lead to swelling of joints, stiffness and loss of movement. Wearing incorrect shoes that put too much pressure on the ball of the foot can cause pain in the metatarsal region. The pain is often experienced under the second, third and fourth metatarsal head although there are instances when you can feel discomfort in the area near your big toe. The best shoes for metatarsalgia can offload the pressure on the metatarsalgia joints area with ample support and cushion to your feet.



The causes of metatarsalgia are:

(1) Intense pressure on the ball of foot for an extended period
of time or standing for hours.

(2) Wearing footwear that is too tight or restrictive such as
shoes with a narrow toe box may cause the metatarsal head to
be forced into a limited space.

(3) High heel shoes can press your toes to the front part or the
toe box of your footwear.

(4) People who participate in high impact activities who wear
shoes that have poor arch support are prone to this

(5) As you get older, the fat pad of the foot thins out and you
might encounter ball of the foot pain.



You can minimize the ball of foot pain by following these techniques:

(1) Wear shoes with a wider toe box to give your feet more freedom to move inside your footwear.

(2) Wear shoes that offer superb cushioning and padding under the metatarsal arch which will spread the metatarsal bones.

(3) You should use a metatarsal pad which will lift and separate
the metatarsal bones by supporting the metatarsal arch.

(4) Try well-cushioned shock absorption inserts to relieve the
pressure in the metatarsal area.

(5) Wear shoes with good arch support to alleviate the pressure on the metatarsal bone.

(6) Put some adhesive type of bondage or moleskin on the painful area for better support.



People having neutral and flat should consider buying shoes with wide toe box and people with high arches should insert shock absorbing insoles to relieve pressure in the metatarsal area. Wearing stiff sole shoes with rocker sole bottom will help in reducing the pressure at the ball of foot and will relieve pain by elevating the metatarsal bones. Forefront rocker shoes or heel to toe rockers can lift the metatarsal arch area to relieve the pain in the ball of foot. Rocker bottom sole shoes are recommended for metatarsalgia, bunions, plantar fasciitis, back pain and people who stand all day on concrete or hard surface floor.




Metatarsalgia is ball of the foot pain which can be painful. Continuous excess pressure on the metatarsal joints or bones can cause this ball of foot pain. This often occurs when standing too much during the day on a hard surface or improper footwear such as high heels. The best solution is to wear metatarsal pads which provides extra padding and support for the metatarsal joints. Also try to wear rock bottom shoes which provide a stiff rock solid sole to give more protection to the metatarsal area.




  1. Eric Cantu

    I’m forwarding this to my buddy. I found you on Google and he’s always complaining about foot pain and how difficult it is for him as a bigger buy to get the right shoes for not only size but comfort. He’s always had issues like the ones you describe here. This article is perfect for him! Thank you!

    • Roger

      Hi Eric,
      Thanks for the comment. I hope your friend finds the right pair of shoes to buy for his foot pain.

      All the best,

  2. Christina Bohannon

    I have never even heard of Metatarsalgia. But I need to tell my cousin about this site because he is always saying that his feet hurt and the way that he describes it sounds very similar to this.

    • Roger

      Hi Christina,
      I hope you tell your cousin about my website and that he finds some footwear that will eliminate his foot problems.


  3. susan frates

    Hi Roger,
    Good info thanks. My husband Paul has had a lot of foot pain so he is going to buy new tennis shoes for work following your suggestions.
    Thanks again.


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