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Best Shoes to prevent Lower Back Pain

Many people tend not to be aware that the type of shoes you wear can be the one causing your pain in the back. Humans have a natural arch in their feet so ample cushion and support are vital. Everyone’s foot shape is different so there’s no all-round best shoe for everybody. Some people need arch support, others need protection against inward rolling and some might only need a little bit of cushion to walk pain free. Over-pronation is a another cause of back pain which occurs when your feet is tipping out to the side as you walk. In some cases, this is due to anatomy of your foot or a result of carrying excess weight. This might cause the body to tilt which means the body has to compensate which means it might affect your back. There also could be inequalities in leg length that can result in back pain as it causes you to tilt more to one side. These problems are normally easy to fix with a shoe insert, so you need to make sure you choose shoes that leave space for these orthotics.



High heels are a major cause of back pain. Shoes that have high heels can cause a lot of stress in the back area of the body because it alters the center of gravity. It causes the wearer to lean forward which in return decreases the forward curve of the back. Flip-flops may be comfortable to wear but it is one of the leading causes of back pain because there is no arch support. Even though there are some flat shoes with built-in arch support, those are not enough to prevent back pain. The arches are suppose to absorb the shock of impact normally except for people with flat feet. According to one study, women with flat feet are 50% more likely to develop back pain. If you have flat feet, then the best shoes for back pain will be those that offer more support in the arches.



These are characteristics of shoes designed to give back support. They provide motion control. For instance, running shoes helps regulate the movement of each foot’s muscle while in motion. These shoes cause the front of the middle part of your feet to strike the ground rather than your heels. They provide extra support for your feet which are designed for people with bad backs to prevent abnormal movement. These shoes are made of plastic or graphite. Plastic, graphite and other similar materials are able to prevent abnormal motion. Shoes that have shock absorbers are important for people who have an active lifestyle or jobs that require a lot of walking or standing up. People with an achilles tendon problem need shoes with a high foot arch support which offers maximum flexibility. Those shoes that provide stability or motion control are great for the lower back pain.


Running shoes help in regulating the movement of the foot muscles when running or walking. Running and walking shoes are considered to be the best shoes for back pain instead of flip flops and flats that have no arch support. Running shoes provide a lot of cushioning in the heel and forefront while walking shoes are made to provide flexibility. Prescription orthotics or shoe inserts improve the movement of your feet when on the ground and help people who have foot imbalance and suffer from back pain. Shoe inserts can be custom-made to accommodate a person’s foot shape if there is a deformity to ease the back pain. Specialized footwear provides improvement in the foot and its overall alignment which will eventually lead to more efficient muscle use. However you might have to spend a lot more than you do for a pair of shoes. Our feet can change over a period of time so there might be a need for alterations and modifications in the future.




At least two decades, I had lower back pain which would stiff-in up when I would sit long periods of time and then get up and try to walk. When I would try to walk using walking shoes that would help alleviate the lower back pain. I would recommend wearing running or walking shoes to reduce the pain from the lower back. Also put shoe inserts inside the shoe to give better support to the heel, arch and lower back.




  1. Andy JD 01

    Great post Roger!

    It is vitally important to protect the back, I usually wear running shoes I find them light, comfortable and well cushioned for shock absorption. I think this is a good message you are spreading!

  2. Jennifer

    Great post,I’ve had knee and back pain for years ,when I finally realized I was wearing the wrong shoes I solved the problem very quickly ,many people doesn’t understand how crucial foot support is.

  3. Ivan Brozincevic

    I agree.
    We should protect our back by all means necessary. From the way we lift stuff, to how we sit, and what we wear on our feet. I like to be in running or basketball shoes all the time. Found the basketball shoes provide me the best stability when walking and doing day to day activities.

  4. Alex Smith

    I had no idea that high heels are a major cause for back pain for women. But the more that I think about it, it makes sense. My wife stopped wearing them, but never told me why. I’m sure thats the reason lol. Thanks for sharing.

  5. MelindaC

    My favorite shoes are sneakers. I don’t have any back pain, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I would love to wear heels and not tower over everyone. They look cute, but they are too dang uncomfortable. Great to know that my shoe choice is the best for back pain.

  6. Jerry McCoy

    Very good post. I like your writing style. Your post was very informative and educational. I like the way you laid out the problem of having back problems with the wrong shoe and then giving the solution to that problem. Overall, I think that your post will go a long way for you.

  7. Matts Mom

    Great information! I would have never associated back pain with the wrong kind of shoe. Heels yes! I generally like a wide shoe, they fit more comfortably for me. I do have a question. Would a shoe with a good arch help alleviate or get rid of plantar fasciitis pain? Any recommendations?

    • Roger

      Hi Matts Mom,
      Thanks for the comment. Good shoes for plantar fasciitis reinforce the foot arch and keep your feet in proper alignment. Yes, you are right that a shoe with good arch support will help alleviate the plantar fasciitis pain. I would suggest to buy plantar fasciitis shoes at Amazon or Born shoes. You also might want to buy orthotics or shoe inserts to give better arch support for your shoes at Amazon.

      All the best,

  8. Rebecca M

    I definitely have bad back and hip issues and use tennis shoes but never thought of using a dIfferent insole… I will have to try that!!

  9. Larmu189

    Great post. Thanks for share. Love it every post. Great advice.

  10. Krzysztof

    Very Great post. I have never realized that shoes am wearing can impact my back pain. I will need to take it under consideration.

    Remarkable advice !!

  11. robert S

    My biggest issue with shoes is that I have numbness in my feet. I’m not sure if the shoes I wear now are helping my back or not. I do sometimes get back pain but maybe a better walking shoe will help me. I can definitely see why women wearing heels would have back pain. If you wear the wrong shoe size does that affect your back?

    • Roger

      Definitely, I think if you wear the wrong shoe size it could put more pressure on your back. If the shoe is too tight this can cause more pressure on your heels when you walk which puts more strain on your lower back.


  12. Vicki Crawford

    Great article Roger and very informative
    I love all the shoes on your sidebar. so cool as I didn’t know what a lot of them were called
    Great work


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