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About Roger

Welcome to my website. I thank you for coming to my website and reading about me and my product. I hope you find the information that I will present to you to be informative and useful in choosing to buy extra wide shoes and sneakers.



My name is Roger and growing up I always had problems finding shoes or sneakers that would be comfortable for my feet. I would go to various shoe stores with my mother and try on shoes that were too narrow for my feet. Then I realized my feet were wider than the average feet. I did not like regular or narrow shoes because they would cause pain and be tight around the middle of my feet. I also did not like pointy tip shoes because they restricted the amount of space for my toes to flex or move within the top part of the shoe. Some shoes would stretch as you wear them for a while but still might not be comfortable enough.

Then I realized the most comfortable shoes for me would be 3E wide. The 3E wide shoes would be more comfortable and allow for more mobility and flexibility. More mobility because there would be space and room at the top part of the shoe so that the toes could bend and move within the top part of the shoe. More flexibility because the shoe can stretch over a period of time and create more room for the feet throughout the shoe. Years later I found that there were companies that specialized in extra wide shoes for men.




I want to help people who have problems wearing the wrong size shoes for their feet. I understand how it feels to wear a shoe which is too tight and causes pain for your feet. Sometimes it is hard to walk if you are feeling pain or your feet are not comfortable in your shoes. Especially if you are busy at work and you do not have the time to be thinking about how painful it is to be walking in your new shoes. It can affect your mood and how you communicate with other people on the job. It also can affect your social and family life if you are in a bad mood because your feet are not comfortable in your shoes. I think it is very important to wear shoes or sneakers which are comfortable for your feet.




I hope to create a website that allows people with wide feet an opportunity to find shoes and sneakers which are more comfortable. Hopefully the shoes and sneakers will provide more mobility and flexibility for your feet. I think these shoes and sneakers will be wore for a long period of time and provide great satisfaction. Nobody should have to suffer because their shoes are too narrow for their feet.



All the best,

Roger Bynoe





  1. Remy Oryan

    good morning roger,
    I have been buying half size shoes my entire life and not really thinking too much about it apart from they just fit me better because I have wide feet.
    but now i have to start buying proper running shoes for my son (who also have wide feet) I guess I should pay a bit more attention.
    cheers mate,
    I will make sure i check back in again and see what progress you make.
    Can I suggest you do some articles on insoles for wide shoes (i have got a pair of birkenstock insoles for a pair of boots that are great. The boots are falling apart and desperatingly need replacing but i like the insoles so much i persevere with them just for comfort sake.

    • admin

      Hi Remy,
      I did some research and found that Amazon has more than 7,000 results for “wide shoe insoles”. Amazon is probably the best place to look for wide shoe insoles. I just saw an article on the internet called 10 Best Shoe Insoles and all the insoles come from Amazon. I also think you might want to look at new balance running shoes at Amazon for your son.

      All the best,

  2. pet locality

    Finding my shoe size has always been a big problem, thank you so much for the information! now I have some secretts

  3. Mark Schindeler

    Hi Roger, good job on the site! While I do not have the particular sizing issues you endure I do love my footwear! Nothing feels better than looking and feeling good in a nice pair of shoes.
    I like that you are consistent with your posts, helps to build trust.
    I too am with WA and I wish you all the best.

    • admin

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the two comments. The shoe advertisers on my website have shoes in all different types of sizes like medium or narrow instead of wide.

      All the best,

  4. Marcus S

    Hey Roger,
    You have a lot of great detailed info on wide shoes and what to look for if you need a wider shoe. Keeping your feet comfortable is huge in having a happy life!

  5. Jill du Preez

    Hi Roger, Can imagine the ordeal for both you and your Mother going from shop to shop looking for the right shoes. Can remember doing the same with my three children. They didn’t have wide feet but we lived in a small town with not a lot of choice. It must have been a real trial. So happy for you that you got sorted out and good on you for setting up this site. Good luck.

  6. LoveMare

    Congrats Rodger on your shoe Website. It was very informative with great detail, and wonderful pictures. I have not had that problem, i’m just the opposite, I have narrow feet. But there also, if you get shoes too narrow, again you have problems. If I hear of anyone with wide feet I will direct them to your Website. I hope the best for you and your website.

    • Roger

      Hi LoveMare,
      Thanks for the comment. Even though my website is called Best Wide Shoes, all the shoe advertisers such as Amazon, Born, Shoeline and Geox also sell narrow shoes as well as wide shoes. So you can buy narrow shoes too.

      All the best,

  7. Stefan19

    Hello ,

    If i know my pains and want to get rid of them you site provides me all the informations to buy .

    Thank you

    • Roger

      Hi Stefan,
      Thanks for the comment. I hope that you buy some footwear from my website to fix your foot problems.

      All the best,

  8. nicholas barnes

    hi roger i think your website is brilliant its ideal for people with foot illnesses so well done.

    kind regards

  9. Michelle Mussehl

    What a wonderful website! So much information all in one spot. Very informative. Thanks for all the information!


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